Johan is a Carpenter who prefers to take a boat to work and prioritizes investing in people rather than cheap disposable products.

Johan’s ideal job is taking a boat to work in Stockholm’s Archipelago or the High Coast in the North of Sweden and renovating or building a new house in a challenging yet beautiful environment. He always keeps his worksite clean, organised and with an experienced team that works well together, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Going by boat to a work place is Johans dream.

In his free time Johan prefers being outdoors, with only the Season deciding if he should go fishing or hunting. During the winter Johan drives his Snowmobile and when the Spring arrives enjoys getting a fire going for a good BBQ.

Johan wearing Omaha Jacket and Boss Work Pants


Johan at the work site


Johan listens to music all day through his ear defenders but the music has to make him happy! Even though sometimes that doesn’t block out the frustration of disorder and annoying banter on a building site.

For Johan, it is a “no-brainer” to build with non-toxic materials and always prioritise the worker and their safety over using cheap, unhealthy products.

Johan at work

Johan works at Brantkusten, find their Instagram here.