Sales & Logistics Coordinator

DePalma Workwear is searching for a NEW member to strengthen the company in its exciting journey onwards!

The Sales & Logistics Coordinator is mainly responsible for making sure that all our customers, regardless of channel, receive the best possible experience when purchasing, with main focus on support and logistics. The Sales & Logistics Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that the order process runs smoothly from when customer shows interest or actual order is placed until final delivery.

The Sales & Logistics Coordinator will be responsible for meeting the customers needs of profiling products and the logistics included. This as this service and a high quality/quick turnaround is a key function for the company.

The Sales & Logistics Coordinator is responsible for the inbound and outbound traffic of products (regardless of sales channel), managing all delivery processes and making sure that stock levels are kept up to date at any time, enabling accurate deliveries.

The Sales & Logistics Coordinator is responsible to always strive to optimize the flow of sales and products for the company, in pace and quality for the customer but also in terms of cost effectiveness.

The Sales & Logistics Coordinator reports to CEO.

Main work tasks:
• Helping Sales Department finalize deals made, focusing on quick yet highly qualitative flow of outbound orders
• Manage all tasks where customers have requested profiling (company names/logos branded on the products)
• Ensure best possible flow of products, inbound and outbound, for the company in a cost effective way
• Managing the Warehouse and inventory, making sure that stock levels are up to date at any given time
• Find new solutions to logistic challenges/opportunities that arise as the company grows regardless of sales channel
• Will assist CEO in handling various administrative questions

The Sales & Logistics Coordinator is a team player that understands that DePalma Workwear is growing very rapidly, and is inspired by this, why involvement in other fields of work within the company is very likely.

This is a unique opportunity for a person with an entrepreneurial mindset as it gives the chance to be an integral part in forming the way that DePalma Workwear operates its Sales and Logistics - now and for the future!

The position will give great possibilities to grow with the role and company in the quest of expanding DePalma Workwear on a global scale.

Location: DePalma Workwear HQ, Tobaksspinnargatan 2, Hornstull, Stockholm, Sweden

Employment start: Per agreement

Applications, including CV:
(Applications can be made in English or Swedish)

Application Deadline: 25th of April 2019