Christian - Workshop Manager

Christian is a specialist within scenography and like a music conductor he has to master several crafts.

The pace can be high at Independent Dekor, a creative and innovative scenery construction company. On occasions, Christian has managed 20 simultaneous projects and 14 employees at the same time. As Workshop Manager he plans, constructs, supervises, and builds. To a high degree, he is involved from idea to finished project.

Independent Dekor does everything from shop decors to large sets for TV- and movie productions. Christian's dream project is a massive set for movie production. He would love to work with a Wes Anderson movie and is mighty impressed by the set for “Life aquatic with Steve Zissou” where a 46 meter long and 12 meter tall ship was built in 1:1 scale.


Both Christian and his son ride freestyle BMX so when he is off work he is likely to be found in the local BMX park. Being an avid cineast he also watches a lot of movies