Metal Worker

Mikael is a Metalworker who always wants the workshop doors wide open to let the sunshine in. His workshop is located near Åreskutan in the North of Sweden.

If you live in Åre then it may be compulsory, but in in his spare time Mikael preferably hangs out in the mountains, no matter what season. When the weather permits, he likes to open the gates of the workshop and let the sun shine in. Maybe he takes a look at the lake from time to time and dreams of new adventures.

Mikael works with most metals, such as aluminium, stainless steel, copper and brass but his personal preference is always black steel. Partly due to its flexibility but mainly its long-lasting durability. Therefore, it’s no surprise his own website is Svartstal.se (black steel in Swedish).


Taking great pride in his craft Mikael can find work frustrating at times when there is no time or real money to do a superior job. Looking at his work there is a great variety of premium custom-made products for both the home and companies.

In addition to the specialist sheet metal work he does for custom cars and motorcycles all to the highest possible standard. Always living by the slogan “buy quality – only cry once”.