Matt Jones founded Molten Metal Works in 2009, starting with classes in the back of Machine Project. In 2010 he got his own shop and has filled it with classes ever since. Matt has been welding since 2000, learning and perfecting his craft in college and continuing with building furniture, museum sets and amusement parks, among them the Harry Potter set at Universal Orlando and Carsland at Disneyland.

The entrepreneurial spirit, dedication and hard work that Matt has put into his business is obvious. Welding is an art and must be practiced with care and perfection. Matt uses our Homestead jacket and Boss work pants giving him protection, comfort and functionality, as you can see in the images above.

Matt is a perfectionist and there is no reason why his clothes shouldn’t reflect this. We design our products with the same mindset that Matt works; perfect finishing, quality and durability. Below you can see some of Matts favourite pieces that he wears on a daily basis when he’s either welding in his workshop or teaching classes.
It is always easy to spot when someone has a true passion for something. It is visible through their way of life and in their work. We were truly inspired when we visited Ryan Silverman and his wife Eileen O’Dea in Los Angeles, founders of The Wooden Palate. They design every board to last forever. The core belief behind The Wooden Palate is that every kitchen and home needs more bespoke wood pieces and that every chef should love the board on which they serve their creations.

Both Eileen and Ryan are involved through every step in the production process, from buying to delivery. Each piece is then cut individually at their work shop in LA using heavy duty saws.

As the process moves into the finer details of production, smaller and more precise machinery is used. The use of protective and durable clothing such as our Seaside Bar Tobacco Apron come in great handy. Eileen is able to stow tools such as rulers, pencils or files in the versatile front pockets.

We were blown away by the attention to detail, love and passion that goes into every single piece that Ryan and Eileen at The Wooden Palate make. Less is more and everything is made to last a life time. The clear connection between The Wooden Palate and DePalma Workwear is extremely clear - high quality products with exquisite design that last!
The life of a car mechanic/builder can be stressful, with long extreme work hours and last minute deadlines. Let your workwear help you through these days – making you look great while feeling comfortable in high quality and durable products.

We followed Pete from Sinister Custom Concepts in North Ridge, Los Angeles for a day in his workshop and were given a glimpse of his daily life and some of his amazing ongoing projects, among them a gold 1964 Impala!

Pete doesn’t need holster- or multiple compartment pockets when he works on his cars, so our Jungleland service pant made out of robust cotton canvas with a few functional pockets meets his needs perfectly and have a relaxed look and feel. They also look great when meeting customers or potential clients, representing Sinister Custom Concepts in the best possible way.

Even in California the temperatures change over the course of a day and also moving in and out of the workshop. Throwing on our Duty padded over shirt solves this problem. It has reinforced elbows, front and back panels for durability and large front pockets with flap and snap button closure. It comes in a strong Dazzling Blue or Red flannel finish.

We leave Sinister Custom Concepts impressed by all the projects and fantastic machinery and the great people working there feeling good that we are able to supply them with workwear that can stand up to all the shop’s greatness.
Carpentry is all about exact angles, details and quality. So it comes as no surprise that a carpenter would be looking for the same qualities in their workwear. We have been fortunate enough to follow Joshua, a Long Beach based carpenter, around to get a glimpse of what his daily life looks like.

The quality and comfort that Joshua needs in his clothing is found in our t-shirts and hoodies. They are perfect for how and where he works giving him the comfort, durability and quality that he needs. It is vital for Joshua to be able to remove or add layers depending on what he is working on and our t-shirts and hoodies allow him to do so.

Adding the Seaside bar raw denim apron has several advantages. Joshua is able to have quick access to his pencils, ruler and other tools thanks to the large front pocket and tool loops. We have also added adjustable fit at the neck and around the waist to increase comfort and usability.
Welcome to our new campaign! We have followed workers in LA during their daily lives and captured how they work, the environment and daily challenges. Our campaign is based on 6 different stories, 6 different types of trade, 6 different ways to wear DePalma Workwear.

To kick this campaign off we have followed Isreal "Izzy" Wilder, a construction worker based in LA with his own construction company Synthesis Construction Corp. As Izzy works both indoors and outdoors, it is important for him to be able to add and remove layers as easily as possible. Using t-shirts, sweatshirts and our Omaha jacket he is able to quickly adapt to rising or dropping temperatures.

The Technical features that we have in our Omaha jacket are perfect for how Izzy works. With the storm cuff extending slightly longer over the top of the hand, it protects from wind and rain. The new reflective zip pullers increase visibility during the darker hours of the day, safety first!

With our BOSS work pant you have several functional pockets where you can stow your ruler, hammer and other essentials such as nails, screws, pens, measuring tape, you name it and there is a pocket for it. Flexible 4-way ripstop panels in the crotch area, back yoke and knees increase mobility, comfort and reinforced durability, which we know you will need.