Johan - Ice Cutter

After more than six years working as an Ice Cutter, Johan is an expert in producing and cutting crystal clear ice, that gets served in drinks at some of the finest restaurants and bars.

Unknown to most, there is a specialist craft and job titled “Ice Cutter”. Although the end result is mostly delicate ice cubes that fit in small glasses, the process of making them is heavy and sometimes dangerous work! Before the ice blocks get cut into smaller pieces, they are 1 meter in length, slippery, and weigh 180 kilos! Johan has had his fair share of crushed fingers.

The reason bartenders use these specialty ice cubes in drinks is they don’t crack and melt as quickly as regular ice, which is also filled with impurities (air) and not to neglect the beautiful aesthetics of a perfectly cut crystal clear ice cube!


Regular Swedish tap water is used in the ice factory and to achieve the perfect result, water is moved around mechanically during the slow freezing process, to remove air bubbles and impurities.

To move the heavy frozen blocks around Johan uses a hoist and bridge crane. Before he can start cutting, the blocks need to rest a while, if they are too cold, they will crack! When they are ready, Johan starts by cutting away impurities and sculpting them into the desired shapes.

Using a chainsaw and safety gear for the bigger cuts he then moves on to a handsaw and ice chisel for the finer details. The finished product is often a cube that is tailored to the specific size of the client’s glasses!


Johan is a true craftsman with the passion of an artist, shaping his material like a fine sculpture. Taking great pride in creating the perfect ice cube and the craftsmanship that goes into producing them. Something to think about and appreciate next time you are spinning the crystal clear ice around in your drink!